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Dr. Makhlukar R Khan

New York Graduate Plan Online Professor for Peace and Conflict in the United Nations

Dr. Makhlukar R Khan served longtime as an academician (Colonel) in military having experience related to teaching, research, United Nations and Conflict management. He obtained Masters in Science, Masters in Defense Studies and PhD in political science degrees. In addition, he had been graduated from Institute of Peace Support Operations (UN affiliated), Defense Services Command & Staff College, Air Force Command College in China and received several trainings on leadership, management and education. As a military strategic thinker & researcher, he visited & participated in global workshop/seminar/academic programs including Korean National Defense University, Japan International Cooperative Associations (JICA), Center for Research & Development in Sri Lanka, German Parliament, research institutes in Nepal, China, Turkey and India. He exchanged views with academia, military think-tanks and government high officials on global and regional issues. He worked twice in United Nations as peacekeepers in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Haiti led by US military. He participated in many seminars/workshops in UN. He worked as an academic adviser of BUP University, Principal of a K-12 school and Commandant of Command & Staff Training Institute to train international military officers on UN and conflict-management. He received appreciation/commendation/medals from UN Special Representative, US Force Commander, Bangladesh Government and Sri Lanka Government.


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