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It is the time in history to be fighting for human rights on a global scale, and we are proof of this - as a 98% volunteer-powered organization. Everyone is fighting for a cause that they believe in.



NVI-NY welcomes volunteers who want to bring their expertise and experience to an international

platform. NVI’s Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council provides 

additional access at United Nations conferences and other international settings for meaningful

dialogue. The program also allows volunteers to collaborate with a number of other

international NGOs amongst civil society and other stakeholders, and with member-states.

We welcome volunteers from all professional fields. We welcome new ideas and skill sets for each semester. We have created a program that allows you to learn and utilize your skills while impacting the international community. Our volunteer program is a place to apply your talents while helping the world.

NVI-NY has previously hosted hard-working and dedicated volunteers with experience in a wide variety of disciplines including lawyers, medical professionals as well

as those from the communications, fundraising, and other creative fields.

Gwilym  Roberts-Harry

Gwylim was one of our

first managers and stayed

with us for one and a half years.

He was in charge of the

interns day to day,

UN Representative.

Peter Gandel

Peter went to school for graphic design and volunteered with us as a graphic designer. He consolidated our branding and helped design our current website.

Marie Stohr

Marie started as a intern is a volunteer representative at the UN as well as a media representative on "The Frenchy Show"

Luis Sifuentes

Luis went to school for interior design. He heard that we were moving to a new office and volunteered with us to help design our new office.


 Went to school for accounting, and joined the Nonviolence International-NY team in the summer as our bookkeeper but was quickly appointed as our Financial Officer.

Chanda Tanis

Chanda went to school for pyschology and volunteered for us as a human resources intern where she created our official handbook and other key documents to support our interns/volunteers.

Lucia Colicchio

Lucia went to school for political science, African, and African-American studies. She volunteered with us as a intern research analyst and a project manager.

Oloruntosi Solomon

After completeting her internship with us.Oloruntosi (Tosi) helped launch our Youtube Channel and has become the face of our organization on the platform by starring in 90% of our videos.

Sangjun Lee

Lee graduated with a BS in community heath Education and has volunteered with us for a year as a research analyst  and was a lead contributor to the ISSACS project.

Danny Lebica

Danny is a volunteer with us and is a multimedia creator. He helps out with our video graphics and production.

Maria Luiza Graciano

Maria Luiza has a BA in Law, and volunteered with us as a research analyst but quickly became a legal consultant, project manager, host, and representative.

Amelie Namuroy

Amelie has an Associates

 Degrees in Communications and Paralegal Studies and is the lead editor on our team. She

has filled the roles of project manager and legal consultant.

Luke Musetti

After completing a semester as brand manger he he was then promoted to Operations Manager for a second semester. Lucas was one of our most prolific writers including being published in the Small Arms Monitor”and is now pursuing

 his Masters at AU.

Aaron Schulan

Aaron volunteered with us as a photographer, where he took candid photos of the on interns, volunteers and staff working around the office.

Join the Volunteer Teams

Justin Curmi

After starting out in our internship program, Justin took on a whole new aspect of  Nonviolence NY. Using his free time to work with grassroots groups across NYC; he contributed to the beginning of what we now know as the American Ethos Track.

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