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Agents of Change in Quarantine

Changing Things from Home

Every person on the planet has in some way been affected by COVID-19. Our network and partners are taking action to protect vulnerable populations and seek solutions for local and international issues. From #VentilatorsNOTBombs to Give Blood, Help Save Lives, NVINY has always been dedicated to launching and supporting projects today that shape a better future for tomorrow. Join us in our work to make a brighter world for all.
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Join Civil Society at the UN from your Home


Covid-19 Information

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Actions from Quarantine

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Accelerated Issues

More About Nonviolence International New York

Explore our core website and join the different ways we advocate for nonviolent solutions through peace education and international advocacy. Even in times of isolation, together, we can continue connecting youth networks to Civil Society at the United Nations, through Internship, Mentorship, and Training Initiatives.

Becoming an international Agent of Change from anywhere in the world starts here with Nonviolence International New York.


Any & all Donations To Nonviolence International New York gets split up to the following aspect (a) One third of all Donations is designated as payment and stipends or it can cover costs for the organizational participants, we take pride in our large base of volunteers and when we can we want to give back to our community (b) one third of all donations goes to the NVINY Project Grant to support scholarships, participant projects, and access across the globe, (c) one sixth of donations covers administrative fees, (d) and one sixth of donations is distributed evenly to our Public Relations team and all other community activities that we Facilitate. To Donate | Email us at or hit the button below:

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