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In direct Partnerships with Dozens of organizations and  United Nation Agencies, Our network is dedicated to advocating for nonviolent solutions through peace education and international advocacy; connecting a youth network to Civil Society at the United Nations, through Internship, Mentor ship, and Training Initiatives.

Our program is built for a win-win environment in which each position is designed to achieve three aspects:

(1) Education, allowing the interns to participate in professional settings with the support of established professionals leading in their fields, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow in their chosen careers.


(2) Advocacy, by guiding the interns and empowering them to go to important U.N. events, helping us strengthen civil society by working alongside our partners to help develop policies that tackle crucial issues of the time. 


(3) Network, having the opportunity to meet leaders who might guide them in years to come, and being a part of the improvement of Nonviolence International network and the opportunity to move forward with our support.

NVI-NY Program's enable people to get valuable professional experience while fighting for our causes.

Geared towards working professionals or students who are either in specialized programs or have specific professional skills.

Our Volunteer Program allows those who otherwise would not be able to join, due to work schedules or other commitments, to do so with customized work flex arrangements.


Artist, lawyers, editors, specialized administrators, etc. all have an opportunity to participate in civil society and work on issues they care about.

The New York Graduate Plan operates as an educational opportunity for university enrolled students and alumni. The program will validate student coursework and allow students to gain first-hand experience learning, training and working within the United Nations and with Civil Society to promote the values established by the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in the field.

Arizona Research Program

The NonviolenceNY Arizona Research Program brings together a number of peace education and research efforts started in the New York office, mostly related to Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and the UN Program for a Culture of Peace.

Designed mainly for university students striving toward careers in International Diplomacy, International Affairs, and Politics, our program lets those interested gain first-hand experience in the diplomatic struggles between member-states, civil society and other stakeholders at the United Nations.


Our Internship Program works with civil society partners at major high-level conferences and other international agreements, laws, and treaties. Read about our intern's successes.

We research, organize, implement, and then advocate for nonviolent solutions at the United Nations and the international community.

We accomplish this by and empowering the voices of civil society around the world, aiding projects spanning from the empowerment of youth, women, the disabled, the elderly, indigenous people, to the building of a culture of peace and nonviolence both on a local and international scale.

We as an organization amplify the messages of Global Citizenship, International Disarmament the different Sustainable Development Goals and the stories from around the world that would otherwise go unheard.