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Peace | Development | Justice 

Below you will find a list of Peace /Development/Justice Programs from across the world, which you can sort by name, sponsor, region or type of proposed impact socially, economically or culturally. 


Research and experience have shown that peace, development and justice are inseparable and interdependent - you cannot have one without the others, thus you find Peace/Development/Justice Programs that focus on social issues, economic issues and cultural issues, or a combination of these.


Public Database of Peace, Social, Economic, Cultural and Justice Programs across the Globe:

This catalog is designed to serve the following audiences and needs:

  1. Peacebuilders planning their own programs:

    1. To show them what others - whom are focused on the same type of concerns socially, economically or culturally as they are - are already doing.

    2. To show them who is working on the same issues in their region of the world with whom they can network with - when we work together, we get much more done.

  2. Funders and Volunteers whom are looking for programs that are working on issues they are concerned about to fund, support or join.

  3. Researchers whom are looking for what is being done now in the areas of peace, social, economic and cultural programming across the world.

  4. General Public: Contrary to all the bad news coming from the mainstream media that makes humanity and our future look bleak, in this database you will see the numerous wonderful things that humans are doing for each other, for animals and for the earth, across the globe - which paints a much more positive picture of our species, and of our future.  Yes, these programs won’t sell newspapers, but they are part of our reality nonetheless, and are well worth acknowledging, supporting and joining and celebrating.

Selection and design of programs by Peacebuilders can be based on experience and intuition, but can also be based on scientific analysis of conditions in communities and countries.  Such science-based programs can lead to more exacting measures that can increase the efficiency and reliability of programming to increase peace, development and justice. 

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