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Participants of the internship program will get to work in our office and around the city during our major events. This includes attending meetings at the United Nations and assisting our partners in civil society. Interns will be expected to produce research on topics that combine their interests with the mission of Nonviolence International to advance our advocacy work and support our civil society network.

Interns can expect to gain direct experience of the United Nations-NGO interaction, organization, grassroots campaigns and movements, the operating mechanics of a non-profit organization, outreach, and fundraising, as well as the practical implementation of nonviolent action, both in today’s world and historically.

Each intern will have their time split between research, organizational outreach, programmatic support, and administrative tasks. The specific allocation of responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of NI at any given time and an intern’s interests, skill set, experience, and education. However, no intern will be asked to spend more than 25% of their time on administrative tasks, and all interns will spend most of their time on research projects.​

We are looking to welcome undergraduate students, and graduate students with backgrounds in politics, international relations, peace studies, or similar fields, as well as, those with film, journalism, communications or English-related backgrounds. We are particularly looking for those that believe in the mission of the civil society and the UN who can represent our organization at meetings and events sponsored by Nonviolence International or its partners. Strong writers and creative-types who enjoy approaching difficult issues in an imaginative way are also welcome. Language skills are a bonus.

How Our Program Works

The three tracks at Nonviolence International New York tie directly to networks 

that the organization has been building for many years.

"The best part of the program is the exposure to international civil society. We work closely with our partner organizations and you have many opportunities to network and

interact with influencers."

- Luke Musetti

Humanitarian Disarmament

Sustainable Peace

American Ethos

What Would You Be Doing?

Most of the work you will be doing with us is requested by either our advocacy board or our civil society advocacy partners. Everything you do during your internship contributes to changing the world. Below is a breakdown of what your semester will entail.


Topics are carefully chosen in cooperation with our civil society partners to achieve our shared political goals. You will be responsible for the successful conclusion of the project you are assigned. Together with your project manager, you will be provided resources and guidance to achieve each of your goals within the major project.



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Blogs and Social Media Campaigns

This outreach to the wider diplomatic community, as well as the general public, brings wider exposure to civil society priorities. The aim is also to build public support for the UN, our partners, and ourselves.



Assisting, writing and researching for our multimedia projects and experiments. Utilizing the latest communications technology will bring new dimensions to our efforts to educate people about modern issues - as well as their solutions - and increase comprehension and retention of complex ideas. Together, we can make videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. to add to the research and advocacy projects that are out there and explain complex topics in brand new ways.



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By participating in events and workshops, in cooperation with civil society partners, you will be assisting in different actions and meetings. Representing Nonviolence International-NY and networking allows you to learn about what goes on within civil society, as well as the dynamic relationship between civil society, the member-states and the staff and agencies of the United Nations.



In the midst of UN Events and getting briefings logistics, you will also be participating in major UN conferences, side-events, civil society briefings, public education events, membership events, etc.



In this way, interns in our program get in-depth, on-the-job training in how the UN operates, the subtleties of advocacy communications, the creation of advanced social media strategies, event planning and more.


 In addition to working on the important issues of today, Nonviolence International-NY is also working on the development of the next generation of highly skilled professional diplomats.

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