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Arizona Research Center


Arizona Research Center

a Nonviolence International New York Project

The Arizona Research Center seeks to bring together a number of peace education and research efforts started in the New York office - mainly relating to Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and the UN Program for a Culture of Peace.

Theoretical Basis for the AZ Research Program

Johan Galtung’s theories on violence, conflict and peace provide a guiding theoretical framework for our work on Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and the UN Programme for a Culture of Peace.

Theoretical Basis

Measuring Peace as Peacebuilding

The scientific measurement of peacefulness in any given group, community or country provides guidance to organizers and governments on the best course of action to help that group, etc., as well as maximize their resources and realize their potential as a human community for the benefit of all.

Measuring Peace

Global Catalog of Peacebuilding Programs

This database lists peace solutions in fields of: peace education and training, education, social and sustainable development, economics as well as government, to benefit program staff and designers, researchers, funders, volunteers and the general public. Programs are sorted by region, issue and measurement parameters, highlighting special achievements and relevant news items.

Global Catalog

Online Peacebuilding Journal

This easy-to-use online interactive advocacy and research tool organizes and gives access to 5 years of research as well as the latest developments in the fields of peace, development and international gun control

Peace Journal

Nonviolence Training

Training in Nonviolent communications, conflict resolution and resistance are the specialty of Nonviolence International.  Here we study the theory and best practices of the topic.

Noviolence Training

Speakers Bureau

Join David Kirshbaum on his various speaking tours:

  • View our schedule of speaking engagements on the topics of Peacebuilding and the Culture of Peace.

  • Learn about the Gandhi-King Global Initiative through which much of our work takes place.

  • Find contact information for our speakers, and more.

Speakers Bureau
Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Get information about interning, volunteering, donating, or attending events under the NonviolenceNY Arizona Research Program:


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