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Familiar with NVI?

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We as an organization amplify the messages of Global Citizenship, International Disarmament the different Sustainable Development Goals and the stories from around the world that would otherwise go unheard through our  digital campaigns


Help us in empowering the voices of civil society around the world,  as we aid projects spanning from the empowerment of youth, women, the disabled, the elderly, indigenous people, to the building of a culture of peace and nonviolence both on a local and international scale.


Nonviolence International New York is made possible by the many volunteers and interns who donate their time and efforts to the cause. Click here to show your support.


Partnering up with leaders and organizers across civil society,

Nonviolence International New York works to strengthen both global movements

and its partners while supporting every member who joins our organization. Help support our youth programs!

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Support NonviolenceNY

Not interested in simply giving but want to join the global movement of nonviolent change?

Join Nonviolence International New York's NEW Fundraising Board and take part in a community that impacts thousands of lives!

Click the link below and let us know what you have in mind.

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