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Partnering up with leaders and organizers across civil society,

Nonviolence International New York works to strengthen both global movements

and its partners while supporting every member who joins our organization.


We are all here to work together to achieve these goals. By joining the NVI Family, you enter an international network of people who truly care and experts who have positively impacted whole regions using these nonviolent actions methods. You will be joining one of our numerous programs here in NYC, working with us to support  our partners and each other to further the cause, and  move that much closer  toward a nonviolent world.

Finding a Community at Work

My name is Victoria and I was, at first, a translation intern here at Nonviolence International from September 2019 - December 2019 and then became the Administrative Assistant under Marcellus from January 2020 - end of February 2020.

Every piece of work that

you will be doing in any of these programs will be used for advocacy purposes either in the international community at

the United Nations

or across the United States.

Finding an Express Track to Your Career

Research analyst intern Jarrett Davis answers questions about how an internship with Nonviolence International can benefit recent graduates. He discusses learning about and working with international communities and the United Nations, understanding how nonviolence works within the UN system, and access to other opportunities.


Each Program Participant will have their time split between research, organizational outreach, programmatic support, and administrative tasks. The specifics will vary depending on the semester and an intern’s interests, skill set, experience, and education. 


We don't believe in busy work - every intern, volunteer, or participant will be active members of advocacy projects across the globe.


Fact: To date, Nonviolence International New York’s interns have published over 70 position papers on topics such as "Gender in Armed Violence", "The Global Movement for a

Culture of Peace & Nonviolence", and

"The Result of 

World Wide trends toward  Nationalism".