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Welcome to  Civil Society at the United Nations

"The world is over-armed and peace is underfunded"

- Ban Ki-moon,Former United Nations Secretary-General

Learn how to advocate for issues you care about

Connect with others who are leading similar efforts

Implement new strategies in the international community 

Join NonviolenceNY as we build a better world Together.


Nonviolence International is an international humanitarian organization that seeks, researches and advocates for nonviolent solutions in violent and oppressive situations. Here in our New York branch, we believe those ideals can be broken down into three main areas of work - Disarmament, Peace and American Ethos, and implemented across the international community of civil society, encouraging progress around the world.

We currently partner with hundreds of organizations across the world through different major coalitions here in NYC and at the United Nations, working with our partners to achieve different goals that support a sustainable future for all.


We work to build a platform through which all voices can be heard; from stakeholders to minority groups - we will teach, empower, and amplify their stories and solutions for the benefit of all.

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Strength is in numbers - only through the combined efforts of everyone working to provide a solution is the success of a movement achieved.  We support civil society and help build coalitions and movements to give representation to all who are involved, in need, or who want to help. Our advocacy efforts are done in dual sense to reflect our mission.  We focus on training and building the tools needed for each of our programs - each of those programs are then designed to strengthen civil society coalitions so that we may work together on our shared political goals.

We organize this work both into our tracks and into our Campaigns:

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