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The world is in need of peace and nonviolence now more than ever.


The nature of conflict resulting in violence has dramatically changed in the past century with the development of new technology and weaponry.


According to the United Nations, about one-third of the world’s population — more than 2.5 billion people — live in dangerous environments in countries around the world where incidents involving violent death are high.


Today, the great majority of violent conflicts are waged within states with the victims being almost entirely civilians. Women, children, the elderly, the poor, and the disabled are especially vulnerable in these conflicts. The recognition of the importance of nonviolent action in resolving these conflicts is crucial to protecting the lives of many innocent people around the world.


Since 2014, Nonviolence International New York

has worked relentlessly to promote these nonviolent solutions in order to make a safer and more peaceful place for all and to cultivate the next generation of civil society leaders equipped to make this possible.

Our Mission

Nonviolence International is a global innovative organization with an emphasis on advocacy, education and communication.


It conducts and produces important research on a growing number of issues, including peace, disarmament, and American politics, as well as operates an extensive internship program within the United Nations.


It focuses on building programs that connect youth leaders to civil society and empower them to advocate for a better world to help accomplish its tripartite mission:

(1) To collaborate with our civil society partners toward the success of our mutual goals.


(2)  To use our programs to enable youth to strengthen Civil Society in order to support, empower, and amplify unspoken causes and forgotten voices, through nonviolent solutions in the international community.


(3) To give our interns and volunteers the highest quality educational experience possible concerning the United Nations processes,  mission, and the bridge between the United Nations and Civil Society.

Advocacy Tracks

“Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of

mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of

destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”  -Mahatma Gandhi


There is too much gun violence. Ending gun violence and the dangerous proliferation of arms around the world will save countless lives. We strive to achieve humanitarian disarmament

on a global scale.


 The foundation of a stable and flourishing global society is peace. To establish a sustainable future for the world, we utilize modern methods of peacebuilding to create a culture of peace that values humanitarian values, civil discourse,

and nonviolence.

American Ethos

The American political system is corrupt and breaking. We believe now more than ever, everyone's voice matters and needs to be heard.

We are here to amplify the voices of humanity and give them a stage to create the future that the next generation deserves.



The New York Graduate Plan Online is an educational collaboration between Nonviolence International New York and UNITAR that seeks to build graduate students with a passion for peacebuilding and international affairs into future diplomats. Over the course of this program, students will learn from UN diplomats in diplomatic training sessions, master the art of peacebuilding in workshops at Nonviolence International New York and personally lead world-changing digital fieldwork with Civil Society at the United Nations.


Join Our Programs

Each program gives the interns and volunteers the opportunity to get hands-on experience, participating in conferences such as the U.N. General Assembly

First Committee on Disarmament and the UN High-Level Political

Forumon Sustainable Development.


As part of the internship

process students actively work on producing and publishing position

papers, blog posts, U.N. event backgrounders, and videos. They also help to host civil society briefings and thematic side events during these

high-level processes, which often last multiple weeks.


To date, Nonviolence International New York’s interns have produced over

30 position papers on topics such as gender and armed violence, peacebuilding, and disarmament.


In a world of growing discord and conflict, Nonviolence International New York is working to further educate and develop the next

generation of civil society leaders who will advocate and work

toward peaceful solutions to violent and oppressive situations. Their

experience at the United Nations is an invaluable chapter in their

academic and professional journeys.