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Andre Kamenshikov

New York Graduate Plan Online Professor Understanding Post Soveit Space; Historical Development and civil peace building Challenges

Andre Kamenshikov is the regional representative of NonviolenceInternational (USA)in the post-soviet states. He is also the founder of Nonviolence International- CIS. He has been an activist in the peacebuilding field in conflict areas of the ex-USSRsince1992 and as such worked in the regions of Transdniestria, Abhazia, Chechnya and others. His education is in sociology. He was one of the initiators and a member of the Coordinating Council of the CIS NGO WorkingGroup on Conflict Management and Prevention as well as the regional initiator for the "West CIS" region in the Global Partnership forthe Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC).His current work involves developing local capacities for peace in areas of potential and acute violent conflict, primarily in the North Caucasus regionof the Russian Federation, where he works closely with a group of local NGOs and civil activists. Healso focuses on building bridges and developing understanding between different actors in the peacebuilding field, including NGOs, representatives of different key professional groups (such aseducators, journalists, police), official authorities from different levels of government and international organizations / UN agencies.


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