Joshua Kirshbaum

Executive Director of Nonviolence International New York Office Professor & Founder of the New York Graduate Plan

(2019 - photo: Joshua speaking in South East Asia with Fred Lubang (renowned phillipino peace activists and social leader) “In the Lens of Peace”)

In early 2018 Nonviolence International welcomed Joshua to be the youngest office head in the network. Quickly after taking office as the Executive Director of the New York Region, they began to expand and now Joshua and his teams run the Nonviolence International New York Office and the Nonviolence Resource Center in Harlem. He is an active member and consultant for over a dozen organizations and nonprofits around the world. Over 6 active programs spanning nonviolent action training, youth leadership empowerment, sustainable peace, and international disarmament advocacy and much more. With experience in 9 conflict zones around the world, Joshua is a veteran in the field.

He has extensive history in peacebuilding on an international scale and has been trained by some of the world's leading activists in nonviolence methodology. Joshua’s past activities include his work connecting major corporate sponsors with important causes, expanding their philanthropic markets throughout Latin America. Opening a chain of philanthropic projects across South America from his community center “La Casa De La Vida” and “Estudio Ecuador” and the formation of Peace Vision Action Coalition (PeaceVAC), allowing the support of Coalitions and advocacy groups in Civil Society at the United Nations. Joshua’s professional website: https://www.jakirshbaum.com/ Read article published by the Jewish Journal: https://jewishjournal.com/community/324675/joshua-kirshbaums-plan-to-change-the-world/

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