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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

by Sarah Kirshbaum

Have you seen our YouTube channel? We provide content discuss Sustainable Peace, Humanitarian Disarmament, Social Development, and Youth Empowerment. Our goal is to provide an understanding of these topics so that all our audiences can learn and stay informed.

For in the international day of peace our advocacy interns decided to build an inspirational video about what peace means to them.

For this video our intern breaks down the importance for youth to get involved in the disarmament movement.

This video explains the impact of social media, smart phones, and free press on the Black Civil Rights movement in the United States.

The Intern Breakroom was a weekly livestream during quarantine that allowed our internationally spread interns to get to know each other and talk about their projects and topics that they are passionate about in a personal and casual manner.

Our Nonviolence International Youtube Channel is just one way we spread awareness about the important topics that our organization discusses! Check out our other campaigns at

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