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Social Media Tips & Tricks

When teaching Social Media Marketing, Joshua always starts out with a question; “is what is Social media marketing? “

The answers vary, and the conversation evolves but it leads to this statement:Social media is  is a way to communicate with thousands of people one on one at the same time. It is the only set of mediums you can have a personal conversation about who you are as a brand with your whole audience at once.

Social Media is one of your key methods or tools of communications that enables you to reinforce your brand to your target audience, and it allows them to develop a personal connection to your brand by creating a narrative that your Target Audience feels personally a part of.

What is a brand? Essentially, a brand is the identity of your organization. It is the: who, what, when, why, and so on. It creates a character through story and imagery. In addition, through this process of brand creation, it must create a narrative; a constant story of your organization’s purpose and plight. This allows for the audience to feel a sense of connection, for example the valiant knight who embarks on a quest to achieve an end goal. A story of upheavals, moments of pause (reflection), slight resolve, and eventually the quest is finished. Then the valiant knight embarks on another quest. It is a never-ending battle between the ills of society and the person who is trying to solve them.

How can social media enforce this? It is a way to speak to your audience (e.g.: Twitter), share important moments in the battle (e.g.: Instagram), or to share a bit of everything (e.g.: Facebook). Through these means of communication, your organization is able to produce the narrative your audience needs. Also, it allows the audience to participate in the dialogue, so it is not just a start-to-end narrative. But, a narrative that is interactive with the audience. The valiant knight is not only brave, but he poses a kindness for his or her readers.

At Æfocus, we are able to create this narrative for your organization. We are able to produce a courageous and powerful narrative, which allows your audience to be apart of the “valiant knight’s” endless journey.


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