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Sit Down And Protest's #NotOneMore

Donald Trump has given permission to institutions to legally discriminate against individuals on the premise that if it comes from religious convictions. This allowance reverberates throughout the community because he is the president of the United States. Some people do look towards him for guidance, which may or may not influence individuals to act heinously towards someone that represents something they do not condone. They may justify their actions on religious conviction, which dilutes the graveness of their action in their mind.

This is the essence of why protesting the recent death of 7 transgender women of color in the first two months is important. It demonstrated that there are people out there who cares about their plight, which could prevent them from feeling isolated. Therefore, there are people around the world who cares for the cause of creating a humane society; one that does not itemizes your identity for policy agendas.

Are there other ways to protest? Yes, there are all sorts of ways to protest. Just go about your day as if there is no agenda suppressing your identity, or shop at stores that does not include their private life in public life. The greatest protest is accepting who you are and not allowing them to frighten you from being yourself. As Harvey Milk states “All men are created equal. No matter how hard they try, they can never erase those words. That is what America is about.”          

Sit down and protest the way you feel comfortable. Inaction is allowance and aggression leads to stalemates. So, create communities and bonds to help those you may feel isolated.






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