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Non-Profit Toolkit Blog Series: Part 5A - Resources for Crafting Your Non-Profit Narrative: Mission, Programs, and Activities

In the previous blog post, we explored the key elements of a compelling non-profit narrative – your mission, programs, and activities. Now, we'll equip you with valuable resources to help you develop and refine your organization's unique story.

Developing Your Narrative:

  • Idealist (  This online platform serves as a hub for non-profits, offering a wealth of resources and articles on storytelling. Find tips for crafting clear and impactful mission statements and program descriptions to effectively communicate your organization's purpose and activities.

  • GuideStar (  GuideStar is a leading platform dedicated to non-profit transparency. Their website includes resources on creating effective non-profit websites, which often serve as a key platform for communicating your narrative to a broad audience.

  • Nonprofit Storytelling Conference (  Consider attending this annual conference specifically dedicated to the art of storytelling for non-profit organizations. Workshops and sessions provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help you develop a compelling narrative.

Sample Narratives & Case Studies:

  • Nonprofit Showcase (  Explore this website featuring award-winning case studies from a variety of non-profits. These case studies showcase effective storytelling techniques in action, providing inspiration and guidance for crafting your own narrative.

  • Case Studies for Nonprofits (  This website offers a collection of case studies from various non-profits. See how different organizations use storytelling to communicate their impact and connect with their audience.

  • Storytelling Nonprofit (  This organization provides a wealth of resources and examples to help non-profits leverage storytelling as a powerful tool to achieve their missions.

Additional Tips:

  • Charity Navigator (    Check out Charity Navigator's website for resources on non-profit communications. They offer tips for crafting compelling annual reports, which can be a strategic platform to showcase your organization's narrative and impact.

  • Books on Nonprofit Storytelling:    Delve deeper into the art of storytelling by exploring books dedicated to this topic. Consider titles like "Nonprofit Storytelling: Communicating Your Passion to Make a Difference" by Patricia Glass or "Magnetic Messaging: How to Craft Messages That Get Results" by Dan Pink.

Remember:  The most impactful narratives are authentic and heartfelt. By focusing on your passion, the positive change you create, and the human stories behind your work, you can craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and inspires them to join your mission.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in this series, where we'll explore the essential world of fundraising for non-profit organizations!


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