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Non-Profit Toolkit Blog Series: Part 4b - Resources for Non-Profit Financial Statements

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements:

  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB): FASB issues accounting standards for non-profit organizations. Their website provides a wealth of resources, including a Non-Profit Entities resource page:

  • Government Accountability Office (GAO): The GAO offers resources and guidance on non-profit accounting standards and best practices:

  • Nonprofit Finance Fund: This organization provides training and resources on financial management for nonprofits, including webinars and publications on financial statements:

Sample Financial Statement Templates:

While specific formats may vary depending on your accounting software, here are some resources offering sample non-profit financial statement templates:

Additional Resources:


It's important to consult with a qualified accountant for guidance on your specific non-profit financial reporting needs. The resources listed above provide a starting point, but they are not a substitute for professional accounting advice.


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