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Intertwined issues of Peace and Sustainability

"Achieving peace on a global scale seems a daunting task. With so many international conflicts and injustices occurring on a daily basis, the goal for peace and unity seems insurmountable. However, peace does not exist as an ideal in solitude; it is completely dependent on tangible factors all citizens of the world face and contribute to daily." - Carolyn Smith

Join our very own, Carolyn Smith, an alumni of the Internship program, Leadership Training program and key member of the organization for 2+ year. in our time with us Mz. Smith Lead teams and impacting over 5 major United Nations Conferences, edited 200+ blogs and articles and has changed the way our organization communicates with our audiences. she explores Ties Between Peace and Sustainability.

(Video by Conor Ferns & the Creative Team, explores elements of this topic too)

Mz. Smith, explaining "Across the globe, communities experiencing strife and civil unrest often also experience severe problems relating to their environment." she explores how the lack of natural resources usually caused by the pollution of war can highly impact and exacerbate any conflict.

She also uses examples of civil unrest across the world all in the last two years and explores how the connection of pollution to these issues are causing violence.

she goes into depth about so many aspects of this issue and it is definitely worth taking a look and joining Carolyn Smith in understanding the ties between Peace and Sustainability.

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