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North Korea and Denuclearization

By Yoolim Hwang

While Trump and Kim Jong-Un talk about the nuclear buttons on their desks which may not even exist, we have to examine the real possibility of the denuclearization of North Korea.

Just about a month ago, North Korea performed a ballistic missile test, and the tension between the two Koreas seemed to intensify. However, on New Year’s Day, North Korea changed their mind to resume talks with South Korea by mentioning their willingness to participate in the Winter Olympics held in Pyeonchang, a South Korean city, next month. The South immediately responded to the North’s overture by suggesting they reopen the hotline phone in Panmumjeom, the Demilitarized Zone on the border. It has been closed since the ousted president of South Korea closed the Kaesong industrial complex in February 2016.

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