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Sometimes it takes a splash of color to make a difference

Creative Team

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Creative Opportunities with Impact | Intern Testimonial
Nonviolence International New York

Creative Opportunities with Impact | Intern Testimonial

"Great Minds Think Differently"

- Walt Disney

Think differently with the creative team of Nonviolence International New York, and use your creativity to impact a movement. Use your art to illustrate and animate advocacy campaigns.

Utilize your story telling ability to communicate and explain issues. Join the video teams and construct a narrative that can influence thousands. 

Pluck at heart strings, and work with your team on issues that matter...

connect with the world in ways you invent...

Work across the different Nonviolence Programs taking important causes, issues and passions and adding a splash of you to influence social moments across the globe.
Use your art to Advocate for women, children, humanity... creatively.

Make a Statement with your art. learn about how the United Nations works and how you can utilize your creativity to impact thousands.

Join a community of people who care, be a part of a team that cares as much as you do. work together to impact the world and honestly... have some fun.

Join the New York Graduate Plan Online and give your creative edge to the international community

Hear from some of our past Creative Team members!

Ronan Casey | Creative Intern and Video Editor

Creative team intern Ronan Casey talks about his time as a video editor and cinematographer with Nonviolence International New York. Ronan talks about finding and pursuing his passion, and moving to New York to train in the field. He also tells us about getting to work and conduct interviews in the UN, and some of his thoughts on the experience.

Build Campaigns

Participate in Global Social Campaigns, focus on important causes of this area. meet with experts in their fields, learn from world leaders and  take their work to new creative levels.