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The Trauma of War

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For 2020, we really got into the Halloween spirit and decided to present something different! Our wonderful volunteer makeup artist, Fiama, came up with an interesting makeup tutorial. Everything that she created is based on real wounds of soldiers in war zones. The aim of this video is to highlight the devastating physical impact of war on both civilians and the military.  It takes less than a second for bullets and explosions to destroy the body. Sadly, the price of survival is often a lifetime of pain and disability. Read more about these soldiers and their life-changing stories below.


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What a Bullet Does to the Body

In both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, more than 50,000 US soldiers were severely injured and wounded.  A majority of these injuries are a result of devastating gun violence in war zones. It can take as little as 0.3 seconds for a bullet to enter and destroy the body - but getting shot is only a part of the story. Read more here


Surviving an Explosion

About half to two-thirds of Americans are killed and wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan due to IEDs or other explosive devices. That means more than 3,100 fatalities and 33,000 wounded. Among the worst are the nearly 1,800 soldiers who have permanently lost their limbs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a vast majority from explosions. Learn more about the effects of explosions on soldiers here

Peacebuilding in War Zones 

The challenge for peacebuilders and international human rights organizations is not only to end violence and prevent the rekindling of another conflict, but to also assist local communities and government in creating internal cohesion for sustainable peace. In Afghanistan for example, peace and security have been elusive dreams. Since 2001, more than 31,000 civilians and 3,500 soldiers have died violent deaths as a result of the war.  You can read more about peacebuilding efforts in Afghanistan here.


Call to Action

Thousands of soldiers and civilians around the world fight and live in war zones everyday. It is time to stop this culture of violence and conflict. Support the work of Nonviolence International New York as well as our partner organizations IANSA as we fight for a disarmed world. You can also learn more about the work of the United Nations in disarmament and peace here and follow @UN_Disarmament on Twitter to get more involved.

And learn more about our work in the link below.

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