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Why is Culture of Peace important?

There is no doubt that every human in the world wants peace, but peace is not easy to achieve given the complex situations facing the world today. People have been using different methods such as diplomacy and liberalism to set a peaceful order. There is, however, a unique method to achieve peace that encompasses many values in itself as one total notion - the United Nations Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace.

The theory of a Culture of Peace was most broadly introduced by 1999 UN General Assembly Resolution 53/243 - the Declaration and Programme of Action. According to that Declaration, a Culture of Peace is a distinct set of values encompassing freedom in all aspects of human life, environmental sustainability and principles of sovereignty [1]. One of the very impressive and inspirational individuals who strives to achieve a Culture of Peace is Martha Gallahue, a member of the NGO, The Movement for Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, who shares her experience being a Culture of Peace agent in the following article...

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