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Visual Arts and Social Change

By Nonviolence International New York Creative Team

A huge part of Peacebuilding is education and conversation. Watch this video to view a few examples of this with famous art pieces often unintentionally. Maria Louisa visits the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and talks about how artist's visual art intentionally or unintentionally can advocate for social change because art often portrays strong emotions tied to familial, personal, or cultural events that shaped the artists. By diving deeper into the meaning of a piece of art, there is more understanding of the events illustrated in the art, leading the audience to empathize with the events or characters in the art piece. Art education thus can be a form of preventing conflict by helping educate young audiences to empathize with people and issues impacting the world outside the reach of their normal lives.


galina moroz
galina moroz

I really like beautiful paintings and photos, for example, I found a website and here you can look at the photos and, among other things, edit Depositphotos and you know, visuals for social networks are very important. I have been a creative person since childhood and I really like different paintings, photos and pictures.

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