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"This Is My Story" by Amelie Namuroy

(Trigger warning)

In November 2018 Amelie lead a campaign with the teams of Nonviolence International New York that would help countless individuals.

lets start with her story...

for the 16 days of activism Amelie opens up to our audiences about her experience.

"My name is Amelie and for more than 7 years, I was the victim of intimate partner violence. I was able to overcome the cycle of violence and I survived.

She inspires different artist and dancers to express themselves in their art. explaining:

"its not enough to simply survive, you need to sand up and live..."

she spoke at several events, and lead research teams to address the systemic issues surrounding this.

"there is always hope"

Some of the projects inspired by the work of Amelie Namuroy:


Here is one of the creations made fro this global campaign.

Also you can visit NOT ALONE by a group of anonymous women who have survived domestic abuse, And if you want to gain more information about this topic in a COVID-19 world check out our Action in Quarantine project website, Accelerated Issues section that is focused on Domestic Violence.

follow the full 2018 campaign here: and learn how to do what Amelie did with NonviolenceNY by Joining the New York Graduate Plan Online TODAY!!

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