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The Promise

The Promise

Once a week, the Æfocus team will try to show how major newspapers talk about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There will be weekly posts to keep the readers informed and updated about the SDGs. So, the Æfocus team is determined to do it. Below is the first one, which affects SDG Goal 14. 

Please check in Every Thursday for another SDG Post by a member of our Focus Team. 

The Scenario

The Ocean Conference is scheduled to be held through June fifth till the ninth. The conference is a discussion on SDG Goal 14 (conserve and sustainably using the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development). A story that stood out the most today was one by Andrew Jacobs, “China’s Appetite Pushes Fishers to The Brink.”

The report dives into how the demand for fish in China has created a crisis in African countries due to the Chinese overfishing in African waters. This has caused a shortage of supply in these countries, which drove out some fishers. 

The Solution

One of the most popular solutions is the utilization of satellites to track illegal fishing, which is explored in a Youtube video posted, "How technology could end illegal fishing", by the Economists. Scientist are trying to create methods to monitor and track illegal fishing by using satellites to pinpoint activity. Consequently, these no-fishing zones have demonstrated positive results in allowing a fish to recover from depletion.


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