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The American Dream™

The video is a commentary on the current economic climate by utilizing the movie, “They Sleep,” from 1988. The movie discusses how the economy is rigged and there is a lot factors working against the lower and middle-class.


The video above has allowed me to think about a statement we hear often, “These Illegals immigrants and foreigners are taking our jobs.” Yet, if we get to the ground of this statement, we will see that it is illogical.

Main argument:

The lower and middle class are constantly losing their influence in the decision making process. The wealthy are gaining more and more influence in public and private life. In public life, we can see this in lobbying activities, and candidates increasingly depend on donations from the wealthy for various things. But, that is what is occurring in public life. In private life companies outsource labour and production to create cheaper products for sale. In addition, they try to maximize the labour output without considering the harm to individuals.    


If you agree to the above, the illegal statement in the introduction does not make sense because it is not the illegal workers or the foreign workers who are to blame. It is the fault of business that lobby for an agenda, which makes it easier for them to find loopholes, and gain unfair advantages through deregulations. If they stopped lobbying and pushing their single agenda; there may be a chance for sensible policies to be created, which helps the lower and middle class.      

What you can do:

If you are feeling that your company is mistreating you or experiencing unfair treatment, report it to the labour department ( Here is another link that can help you: This is to let your employer know that you have voice and are willing to use it.  

Learn more about the issue:

We are here to help you understand the topic, so below are a few articles that can help you understand it a bit better:  

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