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Syrian conflict, and how you can help!

A civil war that has been raging for more than 5 years has gain new permissions to produce more blood indiscriminately. How can one write about an event that has produced more refugees than the holocaust in a neutral manner? There is no simple way to write a piece that explores both sides of the cause in a fair manner.

Civilians’ lives hang in the balance by leaders that they have never had a chance to experience. They have not elected these people, and are not represented by these powers that seat at their tables. The people remaining in Syria sit and wait for the heavens to rattle above them, or they wait for the earth beneath their feet to erupt. There is no hope for those civilians with the current proposals on the table. If the political forces try to squash the rebels, civilians will be at lost, and Bashar al-Assad will have a country that will experience rogue attacks against his administration.

Power-hungry leaders who pursue an inhumane approach are desecrating the once beautiful country of Syria has been, which has died with the Melian Dialogue. The strong should not rule because they are strong. The weak should not rule because they are weak. A society that fosters the ability for humans to thrive should rule because we are a single species separated by culture.  

The only way the conflict in Syria and probably the world would be solved is if the people in China, England, France, Russia, and the United States pursue their leaders to talk and attempt to create peace. It is with the people to create a better future.      

Here is a video to help you learn more about what is going on!  After watching this video, research this topic on your own and let us know what you have found out. 

Find out more about the Melian Dialogue by taking a look at this link. 


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