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Sit Down and Protest! | Alternative ways to protest

To everyone out there who are currently upset with the current presidential administration. In addition, annoyed at the reports of the inaction of the House of Representatives and Senate on the blatant disregard for: immigrants, human rights, antitrust laws, anti-nepotism laws, violations of ethical standards, and so on. It is now time for the people to let the officials in government know how angry we are with their actions and lack of.

Yes, protesting events and on the streets are good, but those are not the only ways you can protest. There are other ways to protest, so this essay is an essay to encourage more people to vent out their frustration. Physical presence is not the only way you get to your government. There are more ways to do it! There are other ways that you can participate while feeling comfortable. Therefore, let’s get this started!

Digital Protests: First, we are in the Digital Age and most of our governmental officials have an email (option 1 or Option 2). So, those that can set up bots to email them nonstop about articles that shows the general annoyance of the people, or your annoyance, do it. If not, bombard their social media accounts with messages by searching for the person who you want to become more aware of your annoyance. Or, go visit their official page and look for the proper icons. Then flood their accounts with information and discontent. Let them know that you want more action to be taken on certain matters. The more we unite, the more they will have to listen because a thousand voices sounds like Bart Simpson connecting all those megaphones together.  

Tip: political figures and agencies use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on! So, if you send them messages via social media. They will hear you!

Old School Protests: Second, not into the digital age or up to using those technologies. Those you ​​that can write letters to the government, do it. ​Crashing a website is easy, but crashing a post office takes many written letters. But, let us make a statement with these letters. Send recycle paper or trash to let them know you want these things to be taken care of properly, or write your letter on recycled paper. Let us, let them know that we are serious about the things that matter to us.

Tip: Always know your protest rights

All you can participate in a protest. It is a matter of coming together can effectively targeting those who need to hear us. So, this call to those that can, and is a call to everybody because you all can protest in the way you feel comfortable.


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