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Sarah Kirshbaum

Educational Director of Nonviolence International New York & the New York Graduate Plan Online

(2018-  Marcellus Henderson At the (42nd street weworks) Nonviolence  International New York Office running a training session before the  team's head off to the United Nations to do their work in the General  Assembly)

(2019 - photo: “underpaid and underappreciated” Sarah Kirshbaum marching in the #RedforEd tucson teachers on the statewide Arizona Teacher Walk out, and ended up marching all the way to Arizona state legislation negotiations )

Sarah Kirshbaum has focused on teaching those who learn differently from students who are from different languages, cultures and backgrounds. She has a passion for making knowledge accessible . That is why she has co-created an educational experience that involves connecting future leaders from around the globe to Civil Society at the United Nations.


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