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Rising Rates of Obesity Overall, and in Children (Due to School Closures)

The current pandemic may contribute to an increase in obesity rates as weight loss programmes and interventions are being severely curtailed for the foreseeable future.

Studies show that enforced physical inactivity for even short amounts of times leads to a noticeable increase in the risk of metabolic disease. With stay-at-home orders and the current need for self-isolation prompting many to rely on processed and canned foods, we might see an increase in weight gain should this situation persist.

Evidence also suggests that when children are out of school for weekends, holidays or other reasons, they are generally less physically active, eat unhealthy foods, spend more time in front of screens and develop irregular sleep patterns. These are all habits closely linked with weight gain and obesity.

the Actions in Quarantine, Accelerated Issues teams have explored this topic, join us on this journey.


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