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Rise of Child Abuse & Neglect in COVID times;

Similar to the recent rise of domestic abuse, the quarantine caused by the global pandemic has led to a rise in child abuse and neglect.

Psychologist Josie Serrata, PhD, stated “We found social factors that put people more at risk for violence are reduced access to resources, increased stress due to job loss or strained finances, and disconnection from social support systems,” in regards to what factors lead to this abuse. “With this pandemic, we’re seeing similar things happen, which unfortunately leads to circumstances that can foster violence.”

In addition to the various tensions introduced by the current quarantine situation, children are undergoing unprecedented stress and uncertainty in regards to the pandemic. These tensions create the possibility for parents to respond to the anxious behaviors or demands of their children in aggressive and abusive ways.

Resources commonly relied upon by at-risk parents, such as extended family, childcare services, schools, religious groups and other community organizations are facing limited availability in numerous areas. Additionally, many child-protective organizations are experiencing strains due to the reduced availability of their workers, leaving them unable to conduct home visits in areas with stay-at-home orders.

In the past few months we have been researching this, finding resources and ways to connect services that can possibly help, use the link below and explore ways you help a child in need.

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