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Nonviolent Responses to Militarism & COVID-19

Host : Michael Beer

Panel discussion of how forces of militarism are using the pandemic for imperialist purposes, and other threatening tactics by the global militaristic establishment.

For the fourth installment of the We Are All Part of One Another webina, which took place on April 15th, 2020, panelists discussed powerful nonviolent responses to militarism and COVID-19. The conversation featured Medea Benjamin, head of Codepink, Michael Beer, head of Nonviolence International and reps from Control Arms and Pax Netherlands. The discussion ranged from the need for global ceasefires, to the role the US plays in major conflicts, as well as nonviolent efforts to pressure for change. Speakers by appearance: Micheal Beer, Medea Benjamin, Jan Jaap Van Oosterzee, Carina Solmirano, Makhlukar Khan, Maria Pia Devoto, Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh, Andre, Jeff Abramson, Ruth R.

Other topics included American imperialism and the rise of violence coming from the United States. It also talks about the necessity of nonviolent groups and their actions to protect human rights in general. The struggle to contain Covid-19 exposed the true interests of states such as money and oil, at the expense of their own people and others. For example, during this pandemic, there has been a rise in military expenditure in the US while people were dying as the fight against COVID lagged behind.


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