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Non-Profit Toolkit Blog Series: Part 8F - Resources to Bolster Your Diversified Income Strategy (Part 8E Follow-Up)

In the previous blog post, we explored the importance of diversifying your non-profit's income streams. By relying on multiple funding sources, you build long-term financial resilience and create a safety net for your organization. Now, let's delve deeper and equip you with valuable resources to turn those strategies into action.

Earned Income Resources:

  • SCORE: - SCORE provides free mentoring and workshops to small businesses, including non-profits considering earned income ventures. Their resources can guide you through market research, developing a business plan, and launching income-generating activities that align with your mission.

  • Nonprofit Finance Fund: - The Nonprofit Finance Fund offers a wealth of resources on earned income strategies for non-profits. Their website includes case studies, webinars, and practical guides on everything from starting a social enterprise to developing fee-for-service programs.

Cause-Related Marketing Resources:

  • Idealist Cause Marketing Platform: - Idealist offers a cause marketing platform that connects non-profits with businesses seeking cause-aligned partnerships. This platform streamlines the process of finding potential partners and developing mutually beneficial marketing campaigns.

  • Cause Marketing Forum: - The Cause Marketing Forum is a valuable online resource for non-profits interested in cause marketing. It features articles, case studies, and industry best practices to help you navigate successful cause marketing partnerships.

Membership Programs Resources:

  • Wild Apricot: - Wild Apricot is a membership management software specifically designed for non-profits. Their platform allows you to create tiered membership programs, manage member information, and automate communication with your donor community.

  • Nonprofit Membership Association: - The Nonprofit Membership Association is a professional organization dedicated to supporting membership-based non-profits. They offer resources, training programs, and conferences specifically focused on developing and optimizing membership programs.

In-Kind Donations Resources:

  • Double Donation Programs:  Many companies offer double donation programs where they match employee contributions to charitable organizations. Promote these programs to your donor base to maximize the impact of their individual gifts.

  • In Kind Direct: - In Kind Direct is a non-profit organization that connects businesses with excess inventory to qualified charitable organizations. Register your non-profit with In Kind Direct to access a vast network of potential in-kind donors.

Planned Giving Resources:

  • Planned Giving Design Center: - The Planned Giving Design Center provides comprehensive resources to help non-profits develop and implement effective planned giving programs. Their website offers educational materials, webinars, and tools to cultivate planned gifts from your donors.

  • The Conversation Project: - The Conversation Project is a public service initiative that encourages families to have open conversations about end-of-life planning, including charitable giving. Partnering with The Conversation Project can raise awareness about planned giving options among your donor base.

Remember:  This is not an exhaustive list, but a starting point to empower your exploration of these income diversification strategies. By leveraging these resources and continuously seeking innovative approaches, you can build a robust and sustainable funding ecosystem for your non-profit.

In the next blog post of this series, we'll shift gears and delve into the world of marketing and communications for non-profits. Stay tuned!


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