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Measuring the Culture of Peace | Barrett Value System

"If the culture inst right, then nothing is as good as it could be."

Join the Arizona Research Center's Doctor Joni Carley gives an introduction to the Barrett System for measurement and analysis of group cultures based on the values of its members. Joni talks about how values are the most important triggers in behaviors, have the biggest impacts in our biological and social standings, and are ultimately the building blocks of culture. By looking at these values, we are able to have a better understanding of the cultures they support - and are supported in. Joni also talks about how we can use this understanding of the relationship to actually measure the culture of peace in a group or country, as well as their implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Barrett Values Centre has been working to measure and analyze group and country cultures since 1989. The measurement shows how the group is functioning and how to improve by analyzing the values held by the members of the group. Barrett is now applying their expertise to the measurement of the United Nations Program for a Culture of Peace. Measuring the culture of peace of a given group or country yields a picture of the level of peacefulness within it, how that is affecting its functioning, and what needs to be done to improve it. Thus the data collected from measuring a culture of peace will lead to concrete evidence supporting or disproving the UN’s thesis; that peacefulness actually increases development, productivity, and prosperity. Plus analysis will show which values lead to an increase of peacefulness, and by extension, development and productivity.

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