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Global Week of Action MOMO Video!

Hey you guys, this was an important video that is still relevant to this day, even during the nation wide quarantines there were still weekly mass shootings with a minimum of 4 people being killed. after the one one that happened last week i started doing some resaerch and i found this wiki page:

that shows all the shootings from last year, and the daily carnage that was generated because of the USA's lax laws and disregard for human life.

This is such an important topic, and when i found that this video from June of 2019 is still completely relevant i thought i should share. almost a year and a half has gone by and the issues are still just as bad as ever.

That year in partnership with the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) & the international community, we did 15 different campaigns on this topic.

take a look at the 2018 global week of actions and then we suggest taking two actions to make sure you are both informed and you can join the next big campaign:

  1. Join our news letter, to keep informed and in the loop with the international community.

  2. See if one of our programs are a right fit for you.

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