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#EATzFoodTour's Nostalgia you can taste

Welcome to the EATz Food Tour, our new series where we visit restaurants around NYC and eat like no tomorrow.  Join us as we go to different restaurants and tell you about it.

As a child, I would frequently visit the Mediterranean region because my family originated from the area. Yes, it may not be Spain, but we were once ruled by Spain for a long time. The country my family originated from was Malta. But, this is not about Malta or I, it is about this tapas spot called Bocadillo.

Its decor is reminiscent of a Mediterranean street I once recalled as a child. In addition, they had some items from the area, and had the vintage plates

from the area I grew acquainted with when I was a child. A sense of home grew on me as I waited with a few friends for my food, espresso, and their food to come. As we chatted and enjoyed the serene atmosphere; the friendly employees were preparing our food and

beverages.The order my party placed was surrounded around breakfast because we all were preparing for work. We ordered: pan con tomate y Jamon (bread with tomato and ham), avocado toast with hard boiled-egg, Jamon Serrano with egg and cheese, and the Spanish omelette. Then to compliant these dishes, the beverages we ordered were a: chai tea latte, coffee, and espresso. It was delightful to have a close to authentic taste-besides the avocado toast with hard boiled-egg. But, the spin that food offered was much accepted in my book. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the Terminator, “I will be back.” I highly recommended this spot because the food is on point and the price was amazing for what I received in my little cute box. Thank you Bocadillo for having us, we will be back!


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