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Eastern Europe Civil Society with Andre Kamenshikov

Hosted by Nichole Himel

Watch this video to learn about The history of politics and peacebuilding in eastern europe according to a Civil Society pioneer on the ground in that area. Kamenshikov puts together the facts in a holistic perspective based on first hand experience.

Interns at Nonviolence International New York had the opportunity to sitNVI-NY interns sat down for a meeting with Andre Kamenshikov, a representative of Nonviolence International in Eastern Europe and regional coordinator of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC). Mr. Kamenshikov described how civil society organizations (CSOs) connect individuals with important resources and provide support as well as promote education, human rights and development. In a region like Eastern Europe, CSOs play a big part in creating a sense of community as well as creating social change.

How can civil society promote peacebuilding in a conflict area?


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