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Diversity and Advocacy

By Sarah Gomez

Coffee runs, making copies, and doing laundry is not the role of interns at Nonviolence International New York.

Nonviolence international New York is a true believer in making the interns and volunteers shine. We know that a person who is passionate about their project will create a product that evokes passion in others.

Through our projects, youth from all over the world have the opportunity to work directly with our partners in Civil Society at the United Nations to make a difference in causes that they care about.

The NonviolenceNY Network values what each individual brings to the table and provides opportunities to share their ideas with others. I love working at Nonviolence International New York because our internship and volunteer program brings together people from across the world, of different cultures, different skills, and different ideas to create meaningful projects. I especially love how our people leave this internship knowing skills that directly relate to their professional goals.

Watch testimonials from our past interns, as they express what they have learned and experienced while working with NVINY.

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