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Climate March

The Takeaway

After The People’s Climate March on April 29th, 2017, the Æ Focus team was burnt due to the blistering sun, but left our minds refreshed. Some of our takeaways were-while  the signs varied from expressive to artistic, the people all had the same energy, which lead us to what we think is an important takeaway, the experience of the children. This is monumental because children are the future.  

Why is the important takeaway, important?

Children are prone to lessons or moments that their parents use to teach them; no matter the psychology method or theory one chooses to perceive the matter of the parent-child relationship. These lessons or moments will care onwards throughout the child's life. As an end result, pivotal lessons or moments during childhood will endure for years to come.

What does the important takeaway translate too?

Now, in context to the march, these children that were there surrounded by all these adults must have thought this was an important event because children have a tendency to mimic adults. The children that have attended must have absorbed this energy, and hopefully carries the lesson or moment onwards in their lives. These youngsters may be the next voices of these causes.

What can you, the reader, do?     

The ÆFoucs staff can come to your classrooms and speak to your students about the importance of  getting involved with the government. We have been creating strategies and ideas that can  motivate people to participate in government. If not that, try to fundraise for a school trip, or talk with your representative regarding why it is important to have a nonpartisan and public entity controlling the schools, funding and budgeting.


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