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Checkout our Youtube Channel!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

by Sarah Kirshbaum

Nonviolence International New York has a wonderful YouTube channel with over 130 videos! All the videos created are made by the interns and volunteers that from our advocacy and creative programs.

Our YouTube channel is a mash of passion projects from interviews and volunteers, with people at the United Nations, to creative animations diving deep into the topics we focus on. Our YouTube channel is used as an outlet to the public, celebrating our champions that work with us every semester and the topics that we focus on. We want everyone to know about the hard work that so many young people put into to all the projects here at nonviolence international.

Youth empowerment is a huge passion here at Nonviolence International New York and our videos represent the wonderful passions of the people that work with us! It has been so wonderful to work with all these wonderful people and see them grow as people, learn about important topics, and participate in important events!

Our goals is provide information that spreads awareness about important causes. We hope that the you feels empowered and educated about each topic so that you can spread awareness about the passions and causes that you think are important.

Please use our videos to support your needs, spread awareness, or better understand our beautiful, yet troubled, world.

Read about the topics and events on our website or check out the YouTube channel yourself!


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