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Nonviolence Intentional Career Oprotunities

Nonviolence International - New York (NVI-NY) seeks to reduce the use of violence by identifying its root causes, developing policy recommendations to combat the misuse of weapons and human right violations, promoting the rule of law and advocating for the inclusiveness of all stakeholders in effecting change.

Nonviolence has proven to be one of the most effective tools to deal with violence, oppression, and discrimination. Nonviolence is based on the conviction that the use of violence (even in the face of violence) is counterproductive to achieve an outcome. Rather, nonviolence is understood as an essential means to achieve political and social change through the empowerment of individuals and civil society, cooperating with each other to ensure peace, justice, and prosperity for all. A nonviolent approach towards social change involves using open and transparent communication, community building and governance to maximize the cooperation between all sectors of society resulting in inclusive and effective solutions.

We are all here to work together to achieve these goals. By joining the NVI Family, you are joining an international network of people who truly care and experts who have positively impacted whole regions using these nonviolent action methods. You will be joining one of our numerous programs here in NYC, and we will be working together to support one of our partners and further the cause, and we will move that much forward toward a nonviolent world.

All interns/volunteers start with an Orientation week in which we teach you a bit more about the feel and causes that you will be fighting for. Then we will give you a Major project that you will be of and be the primary organizer. Then you will be given multiple projects that will range from blogs to videos depending on the position listed.

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