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How to Get Hired for any Job

Learn about the job market and going through the process


  • “Job Searching” answers questions such as: What are some tools to prepare with before job searching? How do you establish a job search routine? How do you organize your job search? Where can you go to search for a job? 

  • “Resume Building and Cover Letters” address the components and format of both resumes and cover letterseach and how to make yourself stand out. 

  • “The Application Process” looks at important things to consider when filling out an application, handling rejection, and reapplying for jobs.

  • “ Interview Practice” answers questions such as: Why is it important to practice for an interview? What are some interview practice strategies? How do you create practice goals? What are some good interview questions to practice answering? 

  • “The Job Interview” addresses what you should wear, research, bring, and do to be successful at your job interview. 

  • “Entering/Reentering the Workforce” looks at entering the workforce for high school and college students, and reentering the workforce for stay-at-home parents, former prisoners, veterans, and disabled persons. 


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Andre Kamenshikov is a civil society activist in the field of peacebuilding, with both a US and Russian background. He graduated Moscow State University majoring in sociology in 1991 as well as studied various subjects in Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin and undertook courses in human rights and other relevant topics. He is the representative of a US-based NGO Nonviolence International and the regional coordinator of an international civil society network - the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) in the Eastern Europe region. He has over 28 years of experience as a civil peacebuilding activist in conflict areas of the ex-USSR and was a founder of a few civil society organizations in those countries. For 22 years he was based in Russia, till the political climate forced him to move to Kyiv, Ukraine, where he continues working with the local civil society sector on enhancing its capacities to contribute to peace and democratic development of the country.  He is an author of a number of publications about the role of civil society in post-soviet conflicts, including “International experience of civilian peacebuilding in the post-soviet space” (2016), the “Strategic framework for the development of civil peacebuilding activities in Ukraine” (2017).

Are you overwhelmed about searching and applying for a job? Intimidated by the interview process? Is this the first time you’re applying for a job, or has it been 20 years since you’ve been in the workforce? Our Udemy course, “How to Get Hired for Any Job,” may be perfect for you. In this course, you learn about job searching, resume building, cover letters, the application process, how to practice for an interview, the job interview process, and how to enter and reenter the workforce. 


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This course is prepared by Nonviolence International New York, a global innovative organization with an emphasis on advocacy, education, and communication. It conducts and produces important research on a growing number of issues, including peace, disarmament, and American politics, as well as operates an extensive internship program within the United Nations. 

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