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Domestic Violence - Poems by Laura Calix

“The Dark” 


In the dark I felt your hands of pleasure become hands of pain

You killed me over and over, again and again


To the brink you brought me, Your hateful hands around my neck

Fingers clenched until the world faded to black


You used my body to vent the day’s frustrations, all your rage

Maybe you were hoping I would fight back, that I would engage


But I lay still, hoping your anger might subside

Hoping you might notice my limp body and let go

That you might think I had died.


Perhaps if I opened my eyes and looked deep into his

He might be reminded of love

But did it ever exist?


On the brink he’d bring me back

He’d let me live another day

But I remained in the dark

I couldn’t see another way

“Love By Numbers” 




20 years ago I met you




7 years of your violence

Hugs to shoves

Kisses to bites

Holding hands to holding me down

 8 ½ years your sentence

Free room and board 

3 meals a day

Threatening collect calls

Crime and punishment, 

justice system at its finest

5 years since your release

Looking over my shoulder

Self Defense classes


No bars, no guards,

 just pulp derived from wood, that’s my bulletproof vest

To stop your glock 40, as you say, from hitting my chest


The Four Elements


Amidst the once washed away and drowning spirit,

 how cleansing are her tears


The burning, smoldering heart almost turning to ashes,

 Yet rekindled by flames that rise from within 


The stolen air that escaped her body, 

she now draws the breath of life and is renewed within each breath


Nearly lost to the darkness of the terrestrial void

Resurrected, she thrives, enriched by the earth

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