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International Day of P E A C E 

 01 - Parkland, FL students

As our countdown to celebrate International Day of Peace draws to a close, we choose to highlight the advocacy efforts of Parkland, FL students. March for Our Lives, a movement started by the survivors of the deadly Parkland shooting advocates for common-sense gun reform and has emerged as one of the biggest demonstrations of student activism in recent years. Be sure to head over to our Facebook and Medium page to learn more about this topic and other student demonstrations around the world.


 02 - The Velvet Revolution

In continuing our countdown to Friday’s celebration for International Day of Peace, we’re focusing on the peaceful methods used by students in the former Czechoslovakia during the Velvet Revolution of 1989. In a matter of 11 days, activists managed to bring about the dismantling of their government and institute a more democratic administration reflecting their nation’s desires. By focusing on nonviolent practices to voice their concerns, demonstrators successfully advocated for political and social change while managing to avoid major bloodshed nationwide. Learn more about the Velvet Revolution on our Facebook and Medium page.

 03 - Tiananmen Square

Our countdown to this year’s International Day of Peace continues! Today we remember the powerful 1989 student protests in China’s Tiananmen Square. Young demonstrators used nonviolent methods to advocate for social and political reform before withstanding deadly military force. We commend the courageousness of these young voices advocating for their beliefs. Check out our Facebook to learn more about these demonstrations and International Day of Peace at Nonviolent International-NY.

 04 - Global youth movement demanding change and reform

The countdown to International Day of Peace begins! In celebration of this day, we turn our focus to young voices around the globe demanding change and reform. Today we remember the youth activists in Soweto, SA who used peaceful means of protests to oppose Apartheid and government brutality in 1976. Check out our Facebook page to learn more at Nonviolence International-NY.

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