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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The NonviolenceNY Network's YouTube Channel has 3 different types of videos, interview videos, explainer videos, and event videos!


Topics, causes, and concepts are very important to discuss, but hearing from people who have studied or experienced the effects of the topics can create a deeper understanding. We believe that an important part of learning about a topic is through listening to someone tell their story. Below we have examples of the different types of interviews we provide on our channel.

Interviews on Personal Experiences

This is an anonymous interview of a young Russian woman. She talks about her experience of watching the police brutality in protests in Russia.

This video is apart of a series we did with members of our international community. In this interview Derek reminisces about a time when he discussed black history with his very young daughter.

Here is an example of a video from our Intern Testimonial Series. Here we interview our interns and volunteers about their experience participating in our program.

Interviews on Topics with Experts

This was part of an intern lead interview series that discussed topics on disarmament with experts in the field.

During CSW, some of our interns were able to secure interviews with experts at the United Nations.

Explainer Videos

There are so many important causes and topics that are being discussed at the United Nations and in politics. There are many actions that are being taken as well. We believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table, so we have created explainer videos.

Explainer Videos focus on breaking down a specific part of a topic that may be confusing or needs further explanation. These videos are for those people that maybe new to the topic or a recourse for experts that what to better explain topic.

We hope that anyone from a 15 year old's impassioned binge, college student writing their thesis, or an expert teaching a class, can use these video to be able to understand and spread awareness about these important topics. We work hard to break down and explain topics so that everyone feels prepared and excited about participating in the conversations that are changing our world. Below are some examples of the different types of explainer videos that we have on our channel.

Term or Concept Break Down

This video explains the concept of how war, peace and the environment are connected. This is a concept that people either don't understand or have trouble explaining.

Instructional Video

Inclusivity in the Workplace is a video explaining to leaders the importance of inclusion beyond just diversity and strategies to use during orientation.

Cause Breakdowns

The SDGs is the hot topic because it is so exciting to see the entire world working together to improve our planet, but what do the goals really mean? Here we layout each goal in a fun artsy way.

MMIW is an important movement going on in the US and Canada. This video explains the REAL history and why this is still happening.

Event Videos

During our 3 month program, our interns and volunteers have the opportunity to run their own events as well as attend events run by the UN and Civil Society. There are two types of videos that are created for events: Recordings, livestreams, and Recap.

Live Stream: Our interns have the opportunity to attend events run by civil society, over Zoom, at the United Nations, or create their own events. We record the event so that everyone has the opportunity to learn and experience events at a later time. Below there are some examples of the events that we have on our YouTube channel.

Our Events

This is an episode from the weekly webinar that Nonviolence International DC ran. This started during the pandemic to provide an open invite discussion with experts in the field of Nonviolence.

During our International Day of Nonviolence Event, Daniel Perel spoke with our interns and volunteers. As the leader of the NGO Major group, he discussed his world view on nonviolence.

A few of our research analyst interns ran a virtual side event during HLPF!

Attendance at Civil Society and UN events.

Our entire office was personally invited to attend and speak at Peaceboat's Youth and Disarmament event.

Iansa asked us to join them at the United Nations NY and film their speeches at ****. This was exciting because we were the only cameras allowed at the event.

Recap Videos

This is a fun video that explains the purpose of RevCon by our wonderful volunteer Oloruntosi!

Here is a fun recap video that we made about our time at the Peaceboat Event.

Here is an introduction video introducing our 16 Days of Activism Campaign.

Youth involvement is an under appreciated aspect of our world. Check out our channel to learn about causes, hear from experts, and understand the important concepts of today.

Have you heard about a concept that you would like explained? Let us know and we can add it to our explainer videos.

Go to our YouTube Channel to see more videos like these!

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