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The Psychological Effects of Naturalizing Violence in Television

Gun violence in the entertainment industry is becoming increasingly available to young children, and impacting the levels of gun violence in America. In the video entitled “Television’s Naturalisation of Violence” published by Nonviolence International New York, popular Australian YouTuber, Momo Chavez, discusses how violence has become embedded in American culture, as guns are being utilized in video games, movies, and TV shows, among other forms of media, establishing a culture of conflict. The news often broadcasts stories of war, violence, terror and narratives of individuals committing homicides, suicides, and violent criminal activity.

Chavez discusses how viewing this violent entertainment has been linked to increased displays of aggression and desensitization to violence. Those most vulnerable to these adverse effects are young minds who are unable to distinguish reality from fantasy, and assess social and moral norms. The psychological effects of watching violence in entertainment are significant and can also lead to problematic behavior in adulthood.

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