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The nine topics of the nine chapters of the Online Journal for Modern Peacebuilding and Nonviolence are linked thematically as much as they are complex topics in their own right. The purpose of this side note is two-fold - to first remind us of those interlinkages and then to explore this topic in greater depth to provide greater explanation for the interlinkages.


In the following chapters we discuss Galtung’s compelling theory of peace and violence and what happened when the United Nations attempted to implement his ideas in conflict zones around the world. Also important are parallels between Galtung’s theory and the UN Program for a Culture of Peace, and the emerging importance of a movement to scientifically measure peacefulness to provide guidelines for Peacebuilding planning. We discuss the relationship of Peacebuilding to nonviolence - how nonviolence is the core nature of peace, and how the study of Peacebuilding leads to emergence of five levels of the practice of nonviolent action. We also discuss important parallels and interrelations of Peacebuilding to individual psychology, and to social and sustainable development programs. The similarities of peacebuilding programs and development programs points to the interdependency of lasting peace and lasting development, and how peace is better for the economy than war and violence. Finally we discuss the indispensable place of disarmament in Peacebuilding and peacekeeping. By definition weapons are killing machines and statistically make conflicts worse if not deadly, and thus disarmament is an important part of Peacebuilding and peacekeeping efforts. This is a single theory with Peacebuilding at its center - the idea that you must have equality, justice, inclusiveness and strong democratic institutions in order for peace to last - that has myriads of detailed facets reflecting the diversity of locations and cultures and histories found across the world. The unified theory is reflected in our summary document - Modern Peacebuilding and Nonviolence: Creating Peace that Lasts, while the myriad of details is reflected in our growing body of papers, blogs, videos and expert resources that are found in each chapter.

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