Nonprofit  Resorces

This page is made for you, we are not the only absolutely awesome NYC Resource there are THOUSANDS OF THEM!!

all fo the following listed places are resources for you to learn and build with. 

so take a look at our list and let us know if we are missing everything!  


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Google NYC

Learning Center

The Grow with Google New York City Learning Center offers free digital skills training to all New Yorkers. We offer workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions, community events, and more. So whether you're a business owner who wants to reach new customers, an educator interested in bringing digital tools into your classroom, or looking to learn new skills to grow your career -- there’s a class for you.

New York

Since 1979, Philanthropy New York has worked to enhance the ability of philanthropic organizations and individual donors in the New York region to serve the public good.

Our membership comprises 280+ grantmaking organizations — the world’s leading private, corporate, family and public foundations. Collectively, they provide $6 billion in annual support to thousands of nonprofits and NGOs located in New York, the U.S. and around the world

Core Foundation

At CORE Foundation, we help social entrepreneurs and small organizations achieve their goals. We provide counsel and resources to help individuals and organizations plan, build, and execute their visions.

After receiving a request for support, we set up a meeting to understand the vision of the individual or the issue the organization faces. Once the CORE Foundation reviews and selects the individual or organization, we develop a plan to help them achieve their goals.

The foundation helps organizations identify support for their plans, contributes resources to get them started, helps them market their initiatives,  and provides an infrastructure that improves the individual or organization’s chances of success.

As a 501(c)(3) organization with a reputation for helping others, our organizations immediately benefit from the relationships we have built in the community.

Are you and your group interested in becoming a CORE Cause? If so, please sign up to receive a CORE Cause application

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