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The Week of Action is a campaign created by the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) in 2003. It promotes the elimination of the expansion and abuse of guns and other weapons to generate a safe environment for all.

This year’s theme is “Rise up for Humanity: Control the Guns.”

Through global participation, this campaign calls for governments to increase control over ammunition and provide stronger support to survivors of gun violence.

Moreover, IANSA also encourages civic engagement by raising awareness, networking with people affected by gun violence.

The Global Week of Action against Gun Violence is a crucial international movement that highlights the importance of the right to life, and world safety.

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Gun violence in the world

05/27/19 - Dana Tohme

What first crosses your mind when you think about small arms and light weapons (SALW)? Mass shootings, terrorism, or war and conflict? What about suicide? Would you believe that in some countries “more people are killed by guns in suicides than in murders”[1]? For instance, in 2016, Germany experienced less than 100 gun murders, but the number of suicides caused by guns was about 1,000[2]. Furthermore, the number of gun-related suicides in the United States is twice as high as the number of gun-related homicides[3]. Nonetheless, two-thirds of the international deaths caused by firearms in 2016 were manslaughter[4].

Gun violence over the years has decreased, but unfortunately, is still severely prevalent in everyday life. In 2016, there were over 500 deaths and 2,000 injuries daily[5].  Between 2012 and 2016, around 1.4 million individuals globally lost their lives because of armed violence[6]. Half of these deaths were mainly concentrated in the American continent, more specifically in the United States, and 5 other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Guatemala[7]. Despite the high level of deaths associated with firearms in these countries, the latter only comprises 10% of the global population[8].


The use of small weapons violates the human rights of individuals around the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in Article 3 that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security”[9]. However, the proliferation of guns and other small arms violates this basic right to protection and safety. The easier the access to guns, the higher the homicides and suicides rates are and the more human rights are violated.


In response to the global proliferation of guns, the United Nations developed a specific goal that advocates for universal harmony and the reduction of armed violence. Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created in 2015, SDG 16 focuses on the promotion of international peace as SDG 16.4 advocates for the reduction of “illicit financial and arms flow.” Furthermore, SDG 5.2 calls for the end of gender-based violence, while SDG 4.A focuses on creating a non-violent and non-discriminatory environment. Thus, the United Nations, which includes member states and civil society, as well as NGOs around the world are working toward creating a safe and sheltered environment worldwide.


Join the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) in the fight against the expansion and abuse of guns and other weapons to improve and save lives globally!

Guns Purchased for Protection

05/27/19 - Aaron Muench

Most individuals in the United States today buy guns to ensure their safety. However, the purchase of small weapons only decreases their protection. In point of fact, it has severe social repercussions as it increases chances of domestic violence and suicides... Read along to learn more about the damaging consequences gun ownership has on people’s lives.

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The Economic Cost of Gun Violence and Ownership

05/27/19 - Leticia Murillo

Many argue that the gun market is beneficial for the American economy as it generates employment and creates job opportunities. On the other hand, others claim that guns are crucial because wildlife agencies heavily depend on the license fees and the taxes placed on these small arms. Read along to learn about the damaging economic impact of the gun and hunting industries.

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A Proactive Approach to Saving Lives

05/27/19 - Pamela Guerrero

The shootings in Columbine shocked the American nation in 1999. Unfortunately, this was only the first of many gun massacres that perpetuated into other sectors. Gun policies in the United States are weak and enable the manifestation of armed violence today and in the past. Read along to learn about the importance of stricter gun laws and regulations.

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The Influence of Violent Media on Global Gun Violence

05/27/19 - Harita Vyas

Gun violence is embedded in the everyday life of any individual who has access to technology. It is strongly present in the entertainment industry, which is available to people of all backgrounds and ages. Read along to learn about the negative influence violence in the media has on people’s behavior and its relation to gun violence.

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US Constitution Does Not Guarantee Individual Gun Ownership - Misleading Interpretation of the Second Amendment

05/27/19 - Njomeza Blakcori

Americans believe that the Second Amendment ensures the right to carry small weapons. However, does this law really promote U.S civilians’ right to arms? Are Americans misinterpreting the constitution? Read along to deconstruct and better understand the second amendment.

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Not So Neighborly: The Negative Impact of Lax U.S. Gun Laws on Mexico & Canada

05/27/19 - Alison Skilton

The laws and regulations regarding gun violence in the United States are lax and indulgent. Not only do they negatively impact Americans, they also affect neighboring countries like Mexico and Canada. The U.S gun market perpetuates itself into these countries, despite their severe gun policies. This enables easier access to small weapons internationally. Read along to learn about the global gun market between the United States and countries near its borders.


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Thank you all who have worked on this incredible campaign, here is a list of all who have contributed to the campaign directly:

Dana Tohme - Leticia Murillo - Pamela Guerrero - Harita Vyas - Aaron Muench - Njomeza Blakcori - Alison Skilton - Moana Chavez - Shaune Hickson - Amelia Kirshbaum - Amelie Namuroy - Carolyn Smith - Marcellus Henderson - David Kirshbaum - Joshua Kirshbaum

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